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This rally presented a “landscapes no one has ever seen” theme and the finding of new routes for it took over a year. The weather during the rally itself was extremely good however the heavy downpours in Hanggai just before the rally caused a huge rise in water levels in valleys and gullies leading to cancellation of the SS for Etap 5. Driving along paved roads in good weather was in one sense a fresh experience. The cancellation notice given the night before the SS allowed taking action such as moving up tire changing times. Anyway, the new trials and experiences encountered along the entire course were a huge success. The new course changes this year allowed us to enter areas that were difficult to include in the route up to now. During the drive, by the time we started thinking, “Okay, let’s go meet some moose and reindeer” and “back to dinosaur valley” the ZoonMod plan was already taking effect! The next rally may likely take a route in the form of a big circle joining the northernmost and southernmost areas. That feeling of “we’re going to find something we never saw before” is likely to continue. Finally, both the participants and rally officials felt the same thing, namely that the route this year helped us enjoy the real beauty our planet has to offer!



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