ETAP-7 13 AUG. 2016 (EN)


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L:51.92km S:182.13km L:25.11km S:244.00km L:26.92km TOTAL:530.08km
L:51.92km S:182.13km L:26.45km TOTAL:260.50km【SM_class】


Now at Etap7 the final round of the rally has arrived, we travel along a landscape that seems like something out of a dream. The opening moves of this rally involved really rugged terrain and harsh driving and now the accumulated wear and fatigue on the machines has suddenly reached a crisis stage that is starting to strike hard on the rally competitors. A lot of them have already, retired from the race, I wonder how many machines will actually finish?

Yoshimasa Sugawara fought bravely in his Yamaha buggy and stayed in the race dueling with tough rivals while others in the auto class retired. He eventually won third place on the trophy stand. Also, Teruhito Sugawara in his Hino Ranger, from Russia kept on going to add an extra boost to this final day. Tomorrow we will finally see the grand finale!


 「The final stage where you can’t even relax for a second!」

Leaving the bivouac we drive along the paved road. After refueling, the rally cars start out on SS-1 from the side of the paved road. Crossing the river, we travel along an even more beautiful grass plain. After passing through an area with a lot of bumps, we come upon a concrete bridge. Crossing the bridge we see a large beautiful lake. After driving along the lake’s levee, we cross a mountain and large prairie. There are a lot of branch roads and piste crossings but after proceeding along a piste with good driving conditions we reach the town. Passing the main town boulevard, we turn at a corner where some shops stand and drive along another good piste. A paved road suddenly appears far off in the grass plain and we finally finish the SS-1.

We proceed along a paved road, and refuel at a gasoline stand at a 3-way road junction. After refueling at the gasoline stand, the rally cars turn around and proceed onwards. Starting out in SS-2 the rally cars proceed along the river side with a sand dune visible on their left. After crossing the river several times, we enter an area of low hills and a large grassy plain. Passing through two small towns we proceed to the CP. We then drive intently across the grassy plain. We drive over a number of gently sloping mountains. The valleys between the mountains are also beautiful with gentle slopes.
We then pass over several mountains and see the SS finish point right before our eyes. Only one SS still remains before completing the rally.Results




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