ETAP-6 12 AUG. 2016 (EN)


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L:31.20km S:109.03km L:96.24km S:207.58km L:8.82km TOTAL:452.87km
L:31.20km S:109.03km L:51.06km TOTAL:191.29km【SM_class】


ETAP 6 The rally is in its final period and at long last the scene shifts to southern Siberia where after a 10 year hiatus the course runs from Tsetserleg further north where a whole new spectacle opens up before one’s eyes. Here there are two SS and undulations start to appear on the grasslands in the first SS with the route suddenly taking on a new face. However the perfect weather continues and these are ideal riding conditions. Boldbaatar is running in the lead and aiming for a chance to break free from the fierce pursuit of Battur Baatar in second place. There are only two ETAP and three SS remaining until the grand finish of this long rally. Hideyuki Fukuoka, a Japanese participant in the motorcycle class (Honda) put up a great fight but can’t seem to overcome the severe effects from an error in the first half of the rally and jump ahead in the standings. Well, tomorrow will prove the final highlight of the rally and will also be a completely new route. The tiny differences in the race standings and fierce class competition will bring rally fever to a climax!



「South of Siberia, the northern part of the grassy plain looks just like Northern Europe」

Driving a short way from the bivouac, we reach the start of SS-1.The piste was substantial but we had to proceed along a river-side road with many crevices, dry riverbeds, streams, and lots of harsh bumpy terrain. After going around the town and traveling further along and passing through a small village, we crossed a river and came upon a tree-lined road of conifers (needle-leaved trees). The scenery beyond it revealed an entire field completely covered by flowers. After running along the riverside on a route that reminds one of flower fields in the Northern Europe, we completed the short SS after about a 100 kilometer drive to the town. From here the liason is a paved road.
After refueling, the rally cars proceed farther down the paved road. Next after running along a lush green area along the river, SS-2 starts. Passing through a number of gently rolling hills we proceed into another area of even more lush greenery. We make a turn just before the town and run along an elevated levee of a beautiful lake and cross over an irrigation canal for farms. We then enter a mountain with thickly growing conifer trees. The ancient rising road is rough-looking as if denying entry to those who enter it. After about 1.5 kilometers we come upon the peak of a mountain pass. At a gap in the woods we are greeted by a magnificent spectacle in a forest of fir trees. It seems as if the giant ‘Ovoos’ or in other words, sacred Mongolian domes are trying to welcome us there. Below the pass we make a gentle circle in what proves to be a beautiful spectacle. Passing over the large, gently sloping mountain of greenery, we drive on a piste along a river bordering thickly growing trees. We complete the SS at point where the town is now visible. Driving along the paved road we cross a river and reach the bivouac.







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