ETAP-5 11 AUG. 2016 (EN)


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L:10.94km S:271.13km L:56.15km TOTAL:338.40km
L:10.94km S:271.31km L:56.15km TOTAL:338.40km【SM_class】


In spite of the superb weather over these last two days, the yet unseen landscapes and experiences of ETAP 5 which were to be the highlight of this rally will not happen. The heavy concentrated rain from several days ago raised the water level so high that it made the river crossing impossible. Though officials waited as long as they could for a drop in water levels, it just didn’t happen and the river crossing had to be cancelled. This was really a heartbreaking turn of events.

The rally continues across the exhilarating Mongolian plains over a single paved road to Xaraxorin over a distance of 425 kilometers with six hours allowed to complete the liason. Tomorrow will prove the full-on competition for the final part of this rally.



「Climbing straight up Sugawara Pass,  shooting through the ultramarine blue sky」

Today was truly one of the highlights of the rally. Crossing a bridge a little ways from town and going down a road along the river leads to the start of the next SS. You have to stay cool and calm even after driving across streams, marshy areas, dried riverbeds, and rough and bumpy roads and finding that your average time is still too high. Passing through a valley town, we climb a mountain beyond a monument of children riding a cow. We keep climbing directly to the top of the Sugawara Pass reaching a peak some 2900 meters above sea level. After that we keep descending, make our way through a technical route, and reach the CP at a point after the CP where the route has transformed into a high speed piste. After that the navigation gets difficult. We cross a river, and after making a CAP adjustment, pass through a valley, keep going further and finally finish the SS. We refuel and head along a slightly long paved liason towards the bivouac.


※ ETAP-5の競技はキャンセルされました。




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