ETAP-4 10 AUG. 2016 (EN)


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L:2.42km S:283.87km L:7.13km TOTAL:293.42km
Rest DAY【SM_class】 


Here we are in the middle part of the rally which is No-GPS day. Today is Etap 4 and also set as a loop course that returns to the start point. Moreover, there is only one SS and at only half the distance this will be a short trip. We are aiming for a mysterious lake appearing in the Gobi Desert. Driver No. 105, running among the overall top 3 in the auto division has come to a complete stop here in his Land Rover. The repair is going to take a long time and he will fall way behind in the rankings. We make good progress. This is a high-speed piste with easy cruising and no special problems appear. However use of GPS is prohibited in this stage where we use only the classic route book and compass and this is somehow strongly inspiring to us all.  



 「The tale of the mysterious lake-adding spice to the legend of the Rally Mongolia」

Today we are going to two lakes. Navigating there was difficult in the past on a route where would you believe it a Prius won this stage! But this time we passed through it with no problems. Even still we got onto an extremely complicated piste where our average time got steadily longer and longer. We rolled steadily onwards across the great plains and finally reached our CP at a point where the lake in question could be seen. Here we made a huge CAP adjustment and headed towards town again on the high speed piste. After passing through a marshy area, we entered into a region with continuous tight turns and repeated peaks and sandy regions. Though only a loop course it was still a scary day for us.





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