ETAP-1 7 AUG. 2016 (EN)


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L:49.91km S:287.02km L:6.35km S:226.17km L:17.56km TOTAL:587.01km
L:290.06km S:226.17km L:17.56km TOTAL:533.79km 【SM_class】


The rally cars start from Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar) and then move swiftly south along SS1, while enjoying the 287.02 kilometers of boundless, undulating grass prairies. The top position is taken up by Mongolian riders on KTM 450 Rally bikes giving a powerful performance and after a short liason the SS2 of 226.17 kilometers continues to Sayhan Ovoo rimmed by historical ruins. This first day is a long stage of what one could say is a typical Rally Mongolia condition where reaching the goal is a continuous struggle from late at night until morning. The 3 riders from Korea on BMW R1200GS bikes come in quite late. Many other competitors are delayed due to the tough navigation. Among these, many Japanese rally participants including the Onoue-Horii team who made critical errors ran into big delays. Lkhamaa-Serdamba (medal winner in boxing at the London Olympics) running at a dizzying pace in the lead group ran into multiple course errors and machine trouble that forced them to leave the race early.


「Going to meet the grassland elves (fairies)」

The start of the SS or special stages of the 2016 Rally Mongolia is set right at the point where the grasslands start to spread out south along the horizon from Ulaanbaatar. This city also known as Ulaanbaatar has experienced amazingly rapid growth over these last 20 years. The grasslands ripple in waves of lush color, and once we really start running its beauty and lushness give a small cry of welcome you can feel deep inside. Heading further south we reach our SS-1 goal and then make a big course change to the west starting out on SS-2. The grasslands now become really mixed with sand as we proceed to the area called the Gobi. The sun is strong and fierce throwing light to the left of the direction we are heading and then forming deep shadows on our right. If we don’t hurry we will have to battle the glare of the setting sun! We next cross a number of dry riverbeds and reach our goal in a small village in the middle of a parched region.





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