Rally Mongolia 2018 OVERALL RATING





The organizers of this year’s rally issued the following statement at the general briefing. “Some might think that our rally is dangerous, but in the rally this year no one had to be taken to the hospital or required emergency transportation. Now that is what can be called a beautiful rally!”
Beautiful is not just a word reserved for scenic landscapes. Even tire ruts can be beautiful and the traces left after a rally starts show a way to leave things that makes it hard to believe it was a bivouac or a camp spot the night before. Of course not everything went so smoothly but all participants had a trash bag with them at the bivouac. And of course if you don’t take your lunch bag trash along with you the next morning then you won’t get your next lunch. There were strict rules like using pet bottle with numbers written on the caps and you get disqualified if your number is found in litter thrown away somewhere, but those rules weren’t needed.

Well then, the most obvious trend we could see this year was use of SXS or side-by-side vehicles. A total of nine SXS vehicles took part in this rally and delivered overwhelming performance. Race vehicles were hastily grouped into SXS, AUTO and MOTO but the SXS dominated the overall wins on the victory stand. Boldbaatar achieved a grand slam by being the first person to have won in each MOTO, AUTO and SXS division.

The fighting spirit award went to Team FA-coat, and the team win went to Team Husqvarna Japan. Each of them left a deep impression in this competition. Well then what exactly is the deep impression? What did the organizer’s statement achieve? All of that will be made clear via SNS of the rally participants.

Rally Mongolia 2018 was the 24th year that this rally was held. The upcoming year 2019 will make this a quarter century rally. Among all this, the global power balance will shift, Mongolia will make amazing progress and people’s feeling about things will change yet for many centuries to come the beautiful landscape of Mongolia will still keep visitors thunderstruck.



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