ETAP-3 Report



■ETAP-3 14 AUG. 2018
SS-1:114.03km L:1.27km SS-2:87.07km TOTAL:202.37km



DUNES & CAN-AM 1-2-3!

The dunes of Uliastay also called Uliastai now a recent part of the rally after a gap of a few years are not only difficult to navigate but also have treacherous soft sand. However the recent rain lasting a number of days has made for easily drivable road conditions. This second SS around Khar Nuur makes a loop route and also the scene of brief victory by the Can-am group! The bivouac is an open air restaurant setup along the beautiful lakeside. Everyone feels the giddy pull of this special time that only those in the rally can know. Tomorrow will be the long-awaited start of a full-size, full-on SS.

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Route Information


Khar Nuur is both the start and goal. It is a one day trip only a slight distance across the sand dunes. It starts with a fun group of small sand dunes along a lake side and then transitions to a mountain area where a second small lake can be seen. The route then lures you into a large dune area. The sand there is soft and staying with the route is difficult. If you are careful and get past that point you eventually encounter a strange and surprising spring gushing up from the sand. The route then winds to the left and if you can cross the mountain a village next appears. This is the SS-1 goal. Next, the SS2 course takes you along a sandy piste, and if you keep trying and make it through a rocky area where the driving is tough, you will find yourself back at Khar Nuur which for some reason looks much more appealing on the way back. There you can enjoy a small party at the lake side under the vast expanse of outer space where the boundary between the heavens and the starry sky reflecting from the lake seem to blend into each other.


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