ETAP-1 Report



ETAP-1 12 AUG. 2018
L:295.11km S:198.80km L:8.48km TOTAL:502.39km




 Finally the rally starts and we all head west.

The heavy rain from the last several days has cut deep cracks in the grassy plains. However this also makes the beautiful deep green of the pasture land even more intense and some kind of deep feeling seems to swell up inside the rally participants.

The iron man, Yoshimasa Sugawara (77) already holds a record for taking part in this rally 20 times and is now driving with Chiho Maruyama as his new navigator.

Driving the Jimny after such a long time is deep-down fun, the navigation work is superb and the scenery a perfect sight to admire.

Today all vehicles made it to the finish before sunset. The atmosphere on arriving at the Ihtamir camp seems almost like a public festival.

The course will probably look even more appealing tomorrow. The liason will seem like a white road extending up into the sky and after running along a short SS we will reach beautiful Khar Nuur.

To find the results see the scheduled announcement given later on.

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This could be the road that Genghis Khan took driven by his dreams when heading westward on his campaign to capture Samarkand and later far-away Europe hundreds of years ago! Now after those 1000 nights and days, the rally once again the rally heads westward crossing this land. That’s right, the rally heads westward. We chase the sun sinking lower over the grass prairies aiming for the farthest reaches of the Eurasian continent.
On Day 1 of the rally, we leave Ulaanbaatar and head along a paved road section of the liason, The SS or special stage crosses the great grasslands and takes us over a bridge. We then drive through a village. Finally we come upon a tree-lined road spanning tranquil mountains ahead of us along with a river flowing along this beautiful land. Our goal lies just ahead of the town. We finish refueling and take the liason to the nice looking camp just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.


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