“Looking for a Lake in the Gobi Desert” – ETAP3 Report – 15 AUG. 2017


L:75.67km S:212.29km L:0.31km S:151.31km L:75.76km TOTAL:515.34km

 “Looking for a Lake in the Gobi Desert”

This stage makes big loop after leaving Zoumod. This stage which includes two SS has a lot of changing scenery to enjoy.

Leaving the huge grassy plains we now search for the lake. The big focus of attention today is a battle for top place in the motorcycle division. Both SS 1 and 2 were close but # 19 Ryu finally got a narrow lead over # 7 Ojima and wins the stage. Yet Ojima is still the overall leader by a margin of more than 5 minutes. From now on, the dispute over these 5 minutes will be getting a lot of attention. # 8 Fukuoka HONDA finally overcame all of its mechanical problems and looks to be back in fine shape, finishing in 3rd place in the motorcycle category today and raised their ranking to 17th place overall. In the automobile division Can-Am solidly grabbed the first and second positions but # 106 Boldbataar is steadily putting pressure on the current leaders and currently is only around 2 minutes behind the second place car.

The Japan team #103 Nakano/Nakano group is in 7th place in the automobile division, and now fighting for 10th place overall.

The schedule for the late night ET4 rally has been changed to a 10AM morning start.



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