FA-coat Rally Mongolia 2017 – English


FA-coat Rally Mongolia 2017

Onward to Zoumod in the Southern Gobi
On hearing someone say, “I want to go to Zoumod again” I felt a pulse of excitement like a mild electric shock.
That’s right, when you think of Rally Mongolia, you think of Zoumod, the Mongolian oasis.
Amid ever changing situations, we find ourselves in areas like this that kept themselves safe from trouble by way of a harsh land and long distances.
However the hospitality they offer rally participants has gotten totally better in every way.
Well now we want to take up the rally challenge one more time.
This will be a route like crossing the open ocean.
Then, SSER has completely reorganized the route again to allow seriously challenging among other things, the mysterious dry lake widening to the west of Zoumod in the “Valley of Dinosaurs” which is full of strange shaped rock formations.
The climb along these tough roads will only end when find ourselves standing on the vast plains where the special gods reside.


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